My friend Carl Pace asked me if I’d like him to put out a CDR of a Book interpretation on his label Laughing Bride Media. Carl was a regular at the OpenLab free improv sessions I used to host at SoundLab in Buffalo. He performed with the Open Music Ensemble for Book: OME3 at Hallwalls in April 07. For this interpretation, I built a Max/MSP patch to interact with a live vibraphone performance. The patch tracks the pitches coming in to the computer from the vibraphone and duplicates the frequencies in sine waves that then variouly leap and slide around. Of course there is randomness built in on at least three levels: 1) the pitch tracker picks up overtones of the vibraphone, 2) the pitch tracker will follow pitches of the vibraphone during decay, 3) the ramp times and lengths for the sine wave frequency changes are determined using data from the pitch tracker. Basically it’s hectic. Also, the recording was edited a bit. Oh, and you can buy the limited edition 3” CDR at soon (probably Jan 08).
Book: VibeSine